Backseat Inflatable Bed

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Unfortunately, most convenient cars we use to get around are very inconvenient to sleep in!

This is why we created:

The Peak Backseat Inflatable Bed!


 Forget the days of sleeping sitting in the front seats or trying to curl up on the backseat...

The Peak Backseat Inflatable Bed was designed to be compatible with most cars!

Size once inflated = 
53.2inch x 19.7inch x 33.5inch (135cm*50cm*85cm)

With our creation you can finally enjoy a luxurious sleep in your car!

Perfect for:
✔ Car Camping
✔ Road Trips
✔ Lunch Breaks
✔ Napping in Between Classes
✔ Emergency Sleep Breaks

Package Includes:

    x1 Peak Backseat Inflatable Bed
    x1 Storage Bag
    x2 Pillows
    x1 Car Cigar Lighter Plug-In Electric Pump
    x1 Repair Kits