Safety Door Lights

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1in 5 cycle Injuries are caused by "Dooring", which is when a car door is opened unexpectedly into the road and surprises a bicyclist or motorcyclist.

As many of us here at Peak Venture are cyclists, we wanted to find a solution to help protect cyclists and motorists alike...

Introducing: the Peak Safety Door Lights!

These lights are specially designed to remain off when your doors are closed, and upon opening, brightly light up and flash to alert all oncoming traffic!



✔ Automatically turns on when door is open

✔ Available in Red, Blue, Yellow, or Rainbow!

✔ Adds a unique and helpful lighting feature to your car door.

✔ Simple 3-Step Installation:

1. Clean Surface
2. Remove Adhesive From Light & Magnet
3. Place Light on Door, and Magnet where Light connects when door is closed!