The Infinite Solar Power Bank

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When Disaster Strikes, There are Two Kinds of People:
Those who prepare, and those who perish.

Which One Are You?

At Apex Venture Co, we want all of our customers to be fully prepared for whatever happens.

Whether you're out on a camping adventure or caught in a disaster situation, you should always have access to power.

The Infinite Solar Power Bank is built for the survivor in each of us.

With Two Built-In USB Ports for Fast Charging, you will always stay connected to those who matter most.

✔ High-Efficiency Solar Charging With Optional USB Charging

✔ Dual USB Charging Ports

✔ Built-In LED Flashlight
✔ Immense 10,000 mAH Capacity

✔ Strong & Fast DC5V/2.1A Charging

✔ Water-Resistant

✔ 24/7 Peak Venture Support