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For Women's Sizes, Add 1.5!
(Size 9 = Size 10.5 Women)

Let's be honest...Steel-Toe shoes don't have the best track record.
Though they provide invaluable safety, they usually look like something one would expect to wear on a moon landing. 👨‍🚀

We had to ask... why?

Why hasn't the market provided a shoe that provides safety & protection, without sacrificing appearance?

This is why we created the Peak Survival Shoes.

They may appear to be normal athletic shoes, but the true magic is hidden within. 

Our Peak Survival Shoes are built with rock-hard toe caps, and a nearly impenetrable mid-sole layer, so that your toes and the bottoms of your feet are always protected from punctures or blunt-force impacts.

We are proud to announce that we achieved this feat without sacrificing comfort!

These shoes will get you where you need to go, making sure your most dependable form of travel - your feet - are fully protected the entire way there.

✔️ Anti-Shock Steel Toe Cap offers wide protection, guarding each step you take for you.

✔️ Kevlar Midsole protects the bottoms of your feet from punctures.

✔️ All-Rubber soles and Synthetic Mesh keep your feet breathing and lightweight.

✔️ Quick-Tighten Laces

✔️ Can also be used for: Construction & Machinery work, Hunting, Hiking, Camping, or any other laborious tasks that put your feet in potential harms way!

✔️ Pure-Grip, Anti-Slip base make sure you never lose your footing.

***Unfortunately at this time we do not carry wide sizes - if you usually wear a wide-sized shoe, the Peak Survival Shoes may be too narrow to be comfortable for your feet! Please reach out to us at if you have any questions! ❤️