Ultra-Stealth Shelter

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One day, you may need to leave home.

Who knows why this may be, but we all know there are a number of serious emergencies that could cause this, and it could be tomorrow for all we know.
At Peak Survival, we know that there will be one factor controlling who survives and who does not... preparation.

Whenever this emergency does happen, it's unlikely you'll be able to travel by automobile. Hiking by foot is going to be your best bet for keeping a low profile, and getting to where you want to go efficiently and safely.

This will likely require an overnight stay out in the wild at some point, which is exactly what was on our minds while we developed:
The Peak Ultra-Stealth Shelter.

Small, ultra-portable, and designed with stealth in mind, this tent will very likely be a life saver for you when the time comes.

✔️ Small, portable, and lightweight with a large, stable interior and good ventilation.

✔️ Double-layer entrance flap with insect net.

✔️ Waterproof, windproof, and UV proof.

✔️ Nearly undetectable, especially in heavily-wooded areas. Sleep in peace as you know you are completely camouflaged into your environment.

✔️ Pairs well with the Peak Stealth Camp Cover.