Tactical Wrist Watch

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"The most tactically intuitive watch of 2019!"
The first flashlight was invented in 1899.
Since then, we haven't come too far forward with how a flashlight's utility operates...

Most people use their phones, but this isn't practical. 
Headlamps are bulky, uncomfortable, and can easily be blocked by hoods or hats.

This is why we created the Peak Tactical Wrist Watch!

The Peak Tactical Wrist Watch was designed with one thing in mind: function.

✔️ Built-in hyper powerful flashlight, as well as an analog compass and digital watch interface displaying the time & date.

✔️ Perfect for working with tools, running, camping, hiking, fishing, hunting... or any other night time activities that involve your hands.

✔️ Adjustable nylon wristband with stainless steel clasp for ultimate comfort and toughness.

✔️ Light is bright enough to stun an attacker.
Has four modes: High, Low, Slow Strobe, and Fast Strobe.

✔️ Pairs perfectly with our Peak Solar USB Charger for long expeditions or survival scenarios.
Package Contents:
  • One Peak Tactical Wrist Watch (Including Wristband)
  • One Micro USB Cable
  • One Warranty Card